England Just Not Good Enough – in rugby for now!

Sorry to say but England were outclassed by Australia this morning. The England scrum was powerful but we were outplayed in all other areas of the game. I then watched Ireland being thrashed by NZ so I felt a little better. This is not just an England ‘thing’ it a Southern Hemisphere v Nothern all over again.

Each time I think we have caught up they move rugby onto a new power and speed dimension. It is amazing.

My only hope today is that the Football team don’t buckle under the pressure. The USA will be a good team and I can easily see a score draw happening.

This is why I love sport. The tension is felt thousands of miles away!

Welcome to my new world!

Welcome to my first post on my new site. As you can see it isn’t very exciting yet but I will, over time, be commenting on a wide range of subjects to do with my passions in sport and Christian engagement in politics.

For those who were used to following my political pages you will find a refreshing lack of party political comment on this site. For those who enjoyed that brand of banter, can I apologise in advance.

The content will be the strange mix of interests I have – sport (passionate about rugby), sport politics and community sport. I will include comments on my new company SajeImpact Ltd as well as the work I will be doing with B-engaged to support developing and supporting Christian involvement in the Public Square across the world. So there should be plenty of things to talk about.

Please bookmark the site and keep in touch.

Andy Reed
June 2010