Blair – What more can be said?

From September 1st I decided I would start blogging again. I hoped to restrict my blogging to the new world I now inhabit – sport and faith around the political class. So I imagined the first blog being about something sporty or faith based. Instead my day was dominated by everybody asking my views about THAT book and THAT interview – Tony Blair. Calls came in yesterday to go on the record to comment about Blair. Unfortunately I was stuck in meetings and on the underground. A badly timed day.

I got to know Blair before he became party leader via an East Midlands Regional Conference fringe event. It was the first time I came across him in the flesh and you have to say he was impressive. Already he was a politician at ease with his message. That is important. It marked him out. You can tell politicians who are having to defend a line they don’t support. Tony instinctively seemed to believe what he was saying with passion. It may now sound daft but that was new. Sadly in the end his overconfidence in being ‘right’ was his downfall as far as I am concerned. Blair could have been an amazing Prime Minister. He has highlighted many of his own failures in the book. It was a wasted Premiership. So much could have been done if he wasn’t so timid to start and so overconfident to finish!

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