Always a useful reminder to put our own Euro elections into a wider European perspective – timely article that all points to the failure of capitalism to address the needs and concerns of the millions of people who prop it up for the rich to soak in the glory of such a ‘successful’ system and economy.

The new ‘precariat’ the article quotes… Those who just get by again. A series of zero hour contracts. Short term work and part time hours. Whilst nowhere near the same level I know that running a small business without the certainty if a pay-check from year to year is difficult enough to make long term plans but not knowing from week to week or month to month makes planning a future impossible.

Rise of the Others – Political News | Irish & International Politics | The Irish Times – Sat, May 31, 2014


Doing some quick prep for a couple of keynote addresses over the coming couple of weeks – Dublin, London & Glasgow and keep coming back to some things I have learned from Charlie and RDC about doing things differently and seriously making sure when we say ‘role model’ we don’t always mean celebrity!

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in the final analysis..

So much to take in for a Bank Holiday Monday – local election results, a marginal poll by Lord Ashcroft and now the European results (least helpful actually). What it means for my clients? I will be letting them know this week but there are one or two commentators I rate who I agree with..