Even more evidence that the real UKIP story was so 2013… They’ve gone backwards on PNS but you wouldn’t know it. Add in the Ashcroft data about their future intentions and half already planning to vote for a main party at GE.

My whine about the coverage is for accuracy and for people like the BBC and national media to use its own data properly. Some of us have to understand the political landscape and it’s implications for policy for a living and we do take all intelligence we can find and make a much more measured estimate. Although I should be happy when my predictions about what will happen in 2015 are far more accurate than the national pundits!


Looking forward to a proper analysis of the elections after the European count on Sunday not just form the limited number of council seats in a limited number of councils. Equally I am looking forward to some objective analysis not based on the hype of UKIP. I am not sure why the BBC in particular have spent the last couple of years hyping up UKIP. Just how many UKIP councillors are there in the 12,000 council seats and how many MPs will there be in 2015. I predict a maximum of 1-2. Less than each of Sinn Fein, SNP etc !

However, there are serious issues related to the size of the UKIP vote in some geographic areas – Essex, Rotherham and why they did so poorly in London. Lots of lessons and no simple answers.

Great stuff from Matt Davies making the Accounting for Managers module so great @lborosbe International Sports Management – some great informed presentations this morning


I feel John Snow is right, so much has changed that this election felt like no other. My timeline this evening has been full of many friends (on all sides of the political divide) trying to get out the voters. I have never missed a vote but if I wasn’t a Political nerd I can’t say anything that has happened on the election trail would have excited me to get out and vote other than the need to stop racist and xenophobic parties like UKIP doing well in the Ballot box.

Everything seems to have changed. Like John Snow I can’t see a way back to the old days of political engagement.

What depresses me most though will be the non stop coverage of UKIP & Farage right up to polling day as the media love to create an ongoing story and narrative. They take great joy from seeing the soap opera taking place in our electoral system. I am depressed by the 2015 campaign already!

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