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I have been reflecting on the PM and his efforts in Europe this week. To end up isolated and to have been comprehensively humiliated without achieving anything is quite a feat. I understand that it is necessary sometime to play to the domestic agenda more than court favour in Brussels but even when playing domestic …

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A bit like every England fan being capable of managing the team better than the current Manager – everybody has a view of school sport and how their simple answer will solve what is obviously a disappointing system.

I will take some time to read the report and reflect before posting – but one ‘ask’ would be to read the Education Select Committee report – No More Political Football’ and take the hint in the title. We need policy makers to agree to the purpose of school sport, devise a system that is adequately funded and not turn it into a political football to be thrown out every 4 -5 years.

Ofsted on competitive sport in schools

20 Jun 2014

17 Jun 2014

A few of the photos from the CIP Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast hosted in Westminster Hall. It has come a long way since I was Chair and managed to move the Breakfast inside Parliament. Therefore great to see it get better each year and for the main political leaders to attend as well as the AofC!

16 Jun 2014

On the way back from speaking at a Rotary Lunch at Wigston I found myself almost ‘back home’ where I started the first few years of my life on the Netherhall Estate in Leicester. I had been talking about my life journey and it seemed appropriate to have a quick look at life 45 years since I left Tunstall Crescent! I often reflect on what life would have been like if we had stayed there longer into my teens. I have been very fortunate that I have had so many opportunities and a fulfilled life. But none of it has been down to any particular hard work on my part that sets me apart from my school colleagues and neighbours from the estate. It’s a trait I don’t like seeing amongst people who think they have made it die to their hard work and enterprise. I haven’t and I know most others haven’t either. They probably had the same lucky breaks I had and being in the right place at the right time.

The battle for ‘Quantified Self’ and wearable sports technology continues at a pace.. with the big beasts involved this will become mainstream much quicker than we can imagine. So measuring activity should be so much easier.

Google to Take on Apple in Health and Fitness Tracking with ‘Google Fit’

14 Jun 2014

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