How not to operate in a Club

I have been reflecting on the PM and his efforts in Europe this week. To end up isolated and to have been comprehensively humiliated without achieving anything is quite a feat.

I understand that it is necessary sometime to play to the domestic agenda more than court favour in Brussels but even when playing domestic politics in Europe there are ways of doing this without isolating yourself. As the others were saying this week – is he reckless or incompetent. Not a good choice!

We all know that Cameron is not interested in detail or working hard. I think this stupid battle demonstrates this more than any other episode. If he really wanted to win the battle the hard work behind the scenes needs to be done weeks out. I don’t imagine Cameron making all those hard calls to other leaders or even having a strategy.

Clearly I have never been a Cameron fan politically. I found him arrogant and aloof even when he was a backbencher and opposition spokesperson. So you may dismiss the criticism – but I felt the need to post my dismay at the ‘European’ debacle because this is my country being represented in Brussels by an incompetent PM who doesn’t care and I want all my international friends that he does not represent the views of millions of Britains!


Just received my Board papers for next week & again lots of ‘process’ and heavy going being a Trustee but it’s always vital to remind yourself why you do it. Whether it’s sport or international development the process is about making positive impact to happen & it’s our job to make it As easy as possible to deliver!

World Vison UK: Every Child Free From Fear – YouTube


A bit like every England fan being capable of managing the team better than the current Manager – everybody has a view of school sport and how their simple answer will solve what is obviously a disappointing system.

I will take some time to read the report and reflect before posting – but one ‘ask’ would be to read the Education Select Committee report – No More Political Football’ and take the hint in the title. We need policy makers to agree to the purpose of school sport, devise a system that is adequately funded and not turn it into a political football to be thrown out every 4 -5 years.

Ofsted on competitive sport in schools