We are constantly struggling to keep up with changing trends in society – none more so than in sport, recreation and the fitness industry. To be honest we often see our selves as competitors for the same group of people who want to play sport, keep fit, stay active. Often we are the same person. I have been trying to encourage modernisation and innovation in the sport sector and this excellent article highlights the need for the fitness / Active sector to be doing more too. I find it amazing that with so much money washing around the fitness sector and with a perception of innovation that the core product as a customer still feels and looks the same. I am always unimpressed by my ‘gym experience’. Don’t get me wrong nobody is deliberately unfriendly but the half smile at the reception to a vague acknowledgment by an instructor cleaning the running machines is not really enough these days is it? All too often I can go, and return from an hour and have not spoken to anybody. It doesn’t really add to my social cohesion does it , unlike a good sports club where the social cohesion can be even as powerful as the sport. Just a thought gym owners when thinking about the future – I am replacing you with a few apps and some wearable technology. You have 12 months to prove why I shouldn’t do it and cancel that membership once and for all!

The Full Story – The Fitness Industry Cannot & Will Not Survive in its Current Form | Retention Management

Moving 5×30

Reaching our 5 x 30 target of moderate physical activity each week shouldn’t be a struggle but to be frank all too often it is for too many. I was fascinated yesterday teaching on an international sports management summer school at Loughborough University that none of the international students recognised the 5×30 prescription and nobody could claim to have achieved the recommended physical activity recently. A real eye opener about the level of education needed and the task ahead to get us moving again!


Truly horrific scenes from Gaza again. The world stands by and watches Palestinians being treated like herded animals everyday with the settlers destroying their home and building illegal settlements whilst forcing them apart with an illegal wall & endless checkpoints. After a week of being treated as a 2nd class citizen I was angry, never mind being treated like this daily. When will they learn bombing, killing children, dehumanising and destroying communities helps breed Hamas and terror reprisals? For the record a Hamas rocket landed within a few hundred feet if us near Gaza.

Gaza death toll rises as Israel escalates aerial assault | World news | The Guardian