Is wearable tech just a passing trend or will retailers actually embrace it? Look no further than to Earlier this year, the online retail giant quietly opened up its wearable tech store. Now they are starting to exploit the growing consumer interest in wearable tech with a commercial pitching devices not yet available.  It is calculated to whet the fast growing appetite for cutting-edge devices now in Amazon’s pipeline of development.  Info Innovamode thanks Prof. Amanda Hallay of LIM College for calling this commercial to our attention.

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Bolivian Experience for World Vision UK

So I finally got back from a week in Bolivia with World Vision and have a few reflections on what I saw. I hope to post some of these over the coming days around some of the themes we witnessed.

This is some of the background to the country and WV work in Bolivia.

Of course Bolivia is a land-locked country in the centre of South America about 4 times the size of the UK.

Despite recent economic growth – which is at record levels (more later on the sustainability of this growth) it remains the world’s ninth-most unequal distribution of wealth in the world.

World Vision Bolivia started in 1979 with the goal to contribute to the wellbeing and holistic and sustainable development of children, adolescents and youth and together with families, communities and partners, creating a just and secure environment which protect them and promote their participation.

Clearly WorldVision is known for is child Sponsorship model, but this visit helped put this into context

So whilst we did meet sponsored children we also witnessed other ideas which I will set out this week