It would be brave for anybody to predict what will happen politically in 2018 given all of the turmoil over the last two years. But over the course of this week I will be picking on some themes and what I think may happen.

I’d like to talk about Brexit, the Labour Party, Theresa May, the possibility of a General Election for a start, but I’d love questions too. Submit a sensible question on anything politically interesting and I’ll have a go at answering in a blog or two over the year ahead!

As you can imagine #brexit will look large over all politics in 2018 and the above is my starting point. Labour needs to stop waiting and taking a lead on brexit before it’s too late. By the time of the next election we will have left the EU and probably the SM and CU if the hard brexiteers get their way. 2018 is genuinely the time the fight has to happen.

Of course whilst most of this will be about UK domestic politics I won’t be able to resist mentioning the genius that is Donald Trump!

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