New Club is Born–same old score for Birstall

Congratulations to Sileby RFC for a warm welcome to their new ground and opening matches on Saturday. It has been a remarkable journey for Sileby and those involved in getting a club off the ground and up and running so quickly deserve praise. This is what grassroots sport is all about – the hard work of eager volunteers.

It was good to part of their opening day. Unfortunately turning out for Birstall 2nds felt as though not much had changed! A big loss for the first game of the season. The team sheet looked good on Thursday but by the time I arrived on Saturday there were 13 of us. The first team had 7 drop out and all our great squad were called up! Loughborough brought a strong side with the dangerous mixture of old experienced players up front and young backs! It was one of those games where I stopped counting the score. I did get plenty of practise for the re-starts though. (someone tells me we lost 64-0!)

andy rugby birstall v loughborough 2

We always start the season slowly – but I am sure the lads will respond and we will do well this season. Certainly after the game nobody was too downhearted.

F1 Turn Off

No matter how hard I try I cannot get excited about Formula 1. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind others getting excited but there is no element of this show that means I would prefer to sit inside and watch on a beautiful sunny day rather than be outside enjoying myself. I know we are good at it! I know we have world champions. But it still leaves me cold. I suppose that is the great thing about sport & human nature. We all get excited by something and I fully understand why you wouldn’t automatically get excited about rugby. Each to their own.

I guess much of it comes from my lack of interest in cars, motoring or being a petrol-head. In fact the stupid money spent on F1,like the football, is what annoys me. Perhaps I believe the super-money involved takes sport away from the grass roots I love.

My other annoyance is the amount of money the BBC spent from it’s limited sport budget on F1. Just think how many proper sports we could have got for that!

There I have upset enough F1 fanatics for 1 day. By the way who won today. I didn’t really care much anyway.