Today’s organisation I volunteer with is LRS – where I have been the Chair since 2005.

The CSP has grown in size and reputation thanks to the leadership of our Director John Byrne and the team. Our ambition is of course to make Leics (which means Leicester & Rutland too) the sportiest and most physically active County in the country. This means everybody who is able being active and/ or involved in an activity or sport.

Whilst we are fortunate to have Premiership football, rugby, basketball first class cricket & a European winning Hockey team our contribution is to ensure every child has a great schools experience, every adult can do something throughout their life , our elite athletes can find the way to the top and every community in Leics gets a fair opportunity to participate. From cradle to grave we work to make our systems, our investment and our coaching create a great experience.

From the website you can see all the things we are doing – from the school games to recognising out oldest athletes.

You can see from all the work why I’m proud to serve and breathe sport in Leicestershire

Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport – County Sports Partnership for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland


As part of a series looking at the organisations & charities I support in the ‘faith sector’ my biggest contribution now goes into World Vision UK (as a volunteer – CiS takes more time but in a different relationship)

Last November I visited Bolivia with WV to see what impact we make on the ground –

If you are interested in what World Vision do please have a look at their site. You may be interested in sponsoring a child? Its is a great way to contribute to their work.

Worldvision UK

World Vision UK – Children’s Charity | Every Child Free From Fear


I will be using Tumblr a great deal more to be highlighting & capturing many of the faith elements of our work/ play/ impact/ at sajeImpact.

We start at home – with Open Heaven where we have found ourselves. More about Open heaven at a later stage but Ignite has been a big part of Sarah’s journey for the last 12 months. Worth a look if you are interested!

Ignite | Open Heaven Church


If you are interested to know how Ignite Loughborough are spending their time in Spain, Sarah @cheggers1971 is doing some brief updates on her blog is clearly not a holiday depite the 43deg heatwave hitting Valencia at the moment..

Spain 2015